Capucine Lageat
& Antoine Perroteau

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La Soucoupe de béton, video, 4'38''
( the concrete saucer )

The “saucer” of Saint-Nazaire, a gymnasium built in 1970, seems to be a real monument paying tribute to the fiction of flying saucers. This huge block of raw concrete reminiscent of the blockhouses of the Occupation (not far from there) would have been transfigured into a flying saucer. It immediately assumes a heterotopic character by its extraterrestrial form borrowed from UFOs of science fiction. The hall has not changed much since its inauguration (even the metal armchairs are intact), a sense of permanence accompanies the visitor. The biggest surprise, finally, is to note the presence of a big scene. This hall was therefore also a theater. We would be ecstatic to imagine two thousand shipyard workers coming together in this spectacular architecture to indulge in the joys of popular shows or the excitement of political gatherings. It is in this deserted room resembling Soviet architecture that resonates a speech by Maurice Thorez that reminds us of a forgotten past.