Capucine Lageat
& Antoine Perroteau

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Built in the 1930s by order of Mussolini, the Roman neighbourhood of the EUR (Esposizione Universale di Roma) was to host the World Exhibition of 1942, interrupted by the arrival of the Second World War. Following the Italian Economic Miracle, filmmakers such as Antonioni, Pasolini and Fellini filmed this neighborhood under construction. Since the economic crisis of 2008 some of the monuments are abandoned while the Palazzo Quadrato, pavilion of the fascist nation, is reinvested by the company Fendi. It is on this particular space, crossed by fascism and the crisis, and appropriated by the cinema, that our Roman Urban Exploration project is played out.

This project has started in 2018 thanks to a grant from the city of Nantes that allowed us to carry out our first scouting on the spot. From this phase of research resulted a series of photographs (Derrière la caméra à l'italienne), a fiction of anticipation (Le Crépuscule des Grands Espoirs), a series of posters (Subtle propaganda), as well as the memoir of Capucine Lageat (Exploration Urbanistique Romaine).