Capucine Lageat
& Antoine Perroteau

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Capucine Lageat & Antoine Perroteau
Born in 1995 in Clichy / Born in 1989 in Ancenis
Living and working in Paris
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Capucine Lageat and Antoine Perroteau compose links between still images and moving images through films, photographs, editions and installations. They obtained their masters degree collectively at the School of Fine Arts in Nantes in the Experiences and Practices of Art Extended to Cinema section in 2018. Their research focuses on the memory of places and the relationship between image and politics.

From the experience of the social space they assemble, deconstruct and reconstruct new fictional spaces. They have thus derived in various spaces such as the hutongs of Beijing, the abandoned factories which border the Grand Union Canal in England, the Maison Radieuse of Rezé, a gymnasium in the shape of a flying saucer in Saint-Nazaire, or even the fascist district of the EUR on the outskirts of Rome.

They are currently working on a photographic project in the neighborhood of Ivry-Port commissioned by the International College of Photography of Greater Paris and they are preparing a photographic and film project on the Industrial Path that they will realize during a creative residency at the Ateliers RAVI in Liège (Belgium). They will have their first solo exhibition at the Free Space Gallery [大艺博Free空间] of Guangzhou, China, in september 2019.


2019 - Opening at RAVI, personal exhibition, Liège, Belgique

2019 - Public presentation of the CIPGP grants at the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris

2019 - 9th prize of Young Creation in Saint-Rémy, Aveyron, France

2019 - Emotional Community, Baijing Space Gallery, [深圳白境艺术空间], curator Wenjing Zhou, Shenzhen, Chine

2019 - ADIFT, personal exhibition, Free Space gallery [大艺博Free空间], Guangzhou, Chine

2019 - Graduates Art Fair, Shenzhen, Chine

2018 - TRENTE-DEUX, Open School Gallery, curator Clémence Agnez, Nantes

2018 - Tous les endroits, tous les envers, curator Bruno Persat, Open School Gallery, Nantes

2017 - Images à la sauvette, Photo Club Paris Sorbonne photographic contest, Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson, Paris

2015 - BEAUX-ARTS PROJECTIONS, curator Patricia Solini, Kiosko, Nantes


2019 - Projection of the films selected in La Collection d’Ana D. edition 2019, ENSAPLV, Paris

2019 - Projection at the Ateliers de Bitche - invitation from le Filtre à Sons, Nantes

2019 - Montreal Underground Film Festival, Canada

2019 - Festival Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts, Paris

2017 - Festival Premiers Films, Paris


2019 - Residency at RAVI (Résidence-Ateliers Vivegnis International), Liège, Belgique

2019 - "Premiers Plan" grant from the Collège International de Photographie du Grand Paris, Ivry-Port,supported by Francis Jolly and Cyrille Weiner

2017 - CLAP grant from the city of Nantes for a research on the neighborhood of EUR, Rome, Italie

2017 - Dans le parc monde, study residency et the China Central Academy of Fine Arts supported by Christiane Carlut and Marc Guerini, Beijing, Chine


2019 - Publication of the photographic series Derrière la caméra à l'italienne in the SOMEWHERE\ELSE #1 Newsletter, online cinema magazine


2019 - Practice workshops for children and adults about the exhibition Emotional Community, Shenzhen, Chine

2019 - Practice workshops for children and adults about the exhibition ADRIFT, Guangzhou, Chine

2018 - Graphzine workshops called Une Ville transformée created for children from 6 to 12 years old, Open school des Beaux-Arts de Nantes


2018 - Masters degree (DNSEP) obtained as a collective - course Experiences and practices of art enlarged to cinema - Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts

2016 - Bachelor degree (DNAP) - Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts

2015 - Erasmus Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff, Pays de Galles / De Montfort University, Leicester, Angleterre


2019 - Visual documentation of the Rencontres LASER organized by Leonardo/OLATS

2019 - Trailer for the exhibition The Residents, Le Transpalette, Bourges

2019 - Visual documentation of the exhibitions UNIVERSAL EAR - The curse of the Phantom Tympanum and Raccommoder le tissu du monde, Bourges

2018 - Assistantship to the exhibition UNIVERSAL EAR - The curse of the Phantom Tympanum realized by Graeme Cole, 2017 EMAP/ EMARE resident, Bandits-Mages, Bourges

2018 - Assistantship to the film The Siren's Dream directed by Aleksandra Niemczyk, 2018 EMAP/ EMARE resident, Bandits-Mages, Bourges

2018 - Trailer for the Rencontres Bandits-Mages EMAP-EMARE, Bourges

2017 - Creation of the website under the direction of Emmanuelle Chérel (research group of the School of Fine Arts and the School of Architecture of Nantes)

2015 - Visual documentation of the meeting between the filmmakers Alex MacKenzie and Kevin Rice / Hangjun Lee and Miles McKane MIRE, Nantes

2015 - Visual documentation and assistant to the organization of the event Bains Argentiques - MIRE experimental film association, Nantes