Capucine Lageat
& Antoine Perroteau

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For fifteen years, the municipality of Beijing has been busy levelling many popular neighborhoods to develop its infrastructure and control its demographics. In the historic center, the hutongs, traditional neighborhoods that became communal with the advent of the People’s Republic of China, are now targeted by the municipality to promote heritage.

At the Museum of Urban Planning in Beijing, a promotional video explains that “residents must be properly evacuated from the city center [...] to restore and reproduce the old impression of traditional streets and to improve services of public interest. “. The ever-changing city is punctuated by temporary zones of rapid destruction, from hutong to hutong. These zones unite different temporalities of the city.

Hutong Stories is a set of three artworks including a non-linear documentary film, Ellipse temporelle (9’45‘’), a 3D animation, Authenticité virtuelle (2’03‘’) and a series of photographs on glasses, Macro-géologie urbaine​.

Ellipse temporelle, installation for two video-projectors FHD, 9’45’’, 64/9

Authenticité virtuelle, video loop, 2’03’’, 16/9, FHD

Macro-géologie urbaine (Urban Macro-Geology)are satellite and printed on glass plates.

installation, wood and printed glass plates, 24cm = 1km, 2018, photographs taken from Google Earth between 2002 and 2018